March 15th, 2012

The Town That Blew Away

Just past midnight on April 28, the tiny community of Vaughn was going to sleep. Forty-five seconds later, it was no longer there. Justin Heckert for Atlanta Magazine:

In mid-August, more than three months after the community was blown away, a few of the remaining residents smoked cigarettes from beneath a tent donated by a local funeral home, drank Gatorade, and watched the people driving by on West McIntosh Road. Just about every other car slowed, someone inside pointing, occasionally taking a picture, then driving on. One of the residents, wearing aviator sunglasses, his skin dark from the sun, do-rag tied around his head beneath a ball cap—a man who had a nickname, “The Sheriff,” who always spoke the truth—raised his voice and yelled at them to speed up and drive the hell on by.

Read the full article here.

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