December 7th, 2011

Read This, Not That: Ukraine’s Orange Revolution
Today’s guest submission is from Ryan Davis.

While it’s unlikely that the Arab Spring is coming to Russia anytime soon, this week’s election protests remind me of 2004’s Ukrainian Orange Revolution. In this 2005 piece published in Foreign Affairs, Adrian Karatnycky details what sparked that revolution: 

I”Razom nas bahato! Nas ne podolaty!” The rhythmic chant spread through the crowd of hundreds of thousands that filled Kiev’s Independence Square on the evening of November 22. “Together, we are many! We cannot be defeated!” Emerging from a sea of orange, the mantra signaled the rise of a powerful civic movement, a skilled political opposition group, and a determined middle class that had come together to stop the ruling elite from falsifying an election and hijacking Ukraine’s presidency.

Read the full article here.

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